Friday, 13 June 2014

Sonnet for Candice No. 1

Did you see me gazing across the room
With admiration?  Did you like my stare?
While the crowd rejoiced, did I presume
Too much, to think of betraying my care?
Did you hear the word my tongue couldn’t say -
Unborn in the womb of tomorrows dream?
Did we touch, virtue on virtue, that day?
Did I spy your Soul in your eye agleam?
Or did I live an hour in fantasy
And fly on magic wings insubstantial
To the skies high and blissful apogee?
Let it be so!  Let my dreams substantial
  Be!  Let my languid eye declare your praise;
  And wander with me through the dreamy days!


      By Jeffrey S. Merk

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