Friday, 13 June 2014

Broken Souls

    Bb                      F
Immortal stars that kindly gaze
      Eb                          Bb
On nighted earth with tender rays
C                               F
Witnessed when our fingers met
       C                        Bb     F
She sighed her secret sobriquet *                           * a familiar version of a name

In gardens where the moon presides
Over wedding feasts and brides
We wandered over scented path
And took our midnight hour pool-bath

We whispered on secluded bench
Exchanging glances not to quench
Bur rather provoke hunger more
That divine bread at heavens door

          *          *          *

In shadow of my rose I stand
Whose wilted petals left my hand
I pushed too hard wrecking all
She disappeared down my hall

I pray forbear my owlish sight
That failed to see you through this night
Your forgiveness alone paroles
Our living death of broken souls!

Copyright Jeffrey Merk 2014

Sung to the transposed tune of Leonard Cohen's, 'Joan of Arc'.

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