Saturday, 30 July 2011


When the moon has risen high
And the star-light fills the sky
In rich gardens lovers meet
With the flowers under-feet
In true Paradise the two will sit
Though no one will hear of it

Touching hands the two embrace
In their solitary place
Growing closer in the dark
And the silence of the park
'Til at last their lips collide
Leaving nothing left to hide

Let your hands entwine my hair
With your lily fingers fair
And those eyes that haunt my heart
We will never be apart
Breath the words I long to hear
Whisper sweetly to my ear


Man and woman filled with grace
Who behold each others face
Like the night I saw you there
With the roses in your hair
And your face out-shone the moon!
But alas!  We part too soon.

We part too soon
We part too soon
We part too soon
We part too soon

Copyright 2011 Siddhartha Marr.

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