Saturday, 30 July 2011


We rise or fall together all
And to the hight the depth may call
Naught you can do shall I offend
And nothing you cannot amend


     Forgiveness - I love you!
     Forgiveness - I love you!
     Forgiveness - I love you!
     Forgiveness - I love you!

I sing our song the bright day long
But cry when I encounter wrong
For in your prison of the night
I know that you are one with light


Remember well my friend in Hell
For tears that fall from Heaven tell
The very sickness of the Earth
Is what will bring it's own rebirth.

Chorus    x2.

Copyright Siddhartha Marr 2011.

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  1. Jeff, it is wonderful to see you in here and read your beautiful words..........yay. I am tired - what else is new? - and going to watch a movie. I just watched one called The Way Back, true story about people who escaped from the Gulag prison camp, walked four thousand miles across the gulag, then the desert and, finally, the Himalayas!!!!!!!, to freedom in Dharhamsala. And I complain about a cleaning job, hee hee.