Friday, 28 June 2013


There was hid a green and rocky valley
Where wandered ‘round a lonely alley
By quiet laughing stream you stood apart
Delighting in the day like summers’ heart

Wildflower, Soul amazed I came to you
To touch your velvet face and trembling dew
To gently lean upon your naked breast
Your kindly charity that offers rest

To touch the rose I grasp the thorn with joy
A thousand ships sunk for Helen of Troy
The angels envy me my every pain -
It teaches me to sing you sooth refrain

Immortal I, to see you dreaming by
Beneath the pure vault of the azure sky
My life was resurrected with the dawn
To live beyond the hour when day is gone


In your eye I behold divinity
The depth and height of our infinity
Thank-you for your beauty, my youthful rose
And bloom for ever in your soft repose

Copyright Jeffrey S. Merk 2013

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