Sunday, 24 March 2013

Haunting Melody

She sat at her piano singing
Through the evening hours
In our mansion by the sea
Surrounded by the flowers
  Every window opened wide
  Flame-light burning deep inside
This leaped from her to pierce me -
  She sang a haunting melody!

And as she sang I saw her eyes
Intermixed with dark and bright
Whose marriage brought soft sighs
And sweetness to the night
  And as I looked I met her gaze
  And saw her eyes become ablaze
Our world was changed so blessedly -
  She sang a haunting melody!


She sang, “The shadow is upon me!
It’s hand grips me at my naked breast;
For I suffer deeply to be free,
While my soul requires simple rest.”
  And through the power of her voice
  My soul was left without a choice
Her magic tune that set me free -
  She sang a haunting melody!

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