Saturday, 21 April 2012

Selma Karamay

A woman filled with Life, Sorrow and Love
To play her part upon the stage of man
Descended out of Heaven like a dove
To do for her heart everything she can

There was a Destiny she had to face
They mashed her underneath the iron boot
Shall mockery exalt above her grace
And make out of her soul a little loot?

The play of Love and Death were in her part
For those she loved she gave her final breath
Her painful labor stabbed her in the heart
Surrendering her soul unto its death


An angel greeted her by doors above
Asking, “Do you want to know if you were kind?”
She replied, “Only tell me I was loved,
And guard with mercy those I leave behind!”
Copyright Jeffrey Merk 2012

Note: Selma Karamay was the first love of Khalil Gibran.

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