Friday, 25 November 2011

Out in The City

Key:  D Major

Introduction.  Key:  D Major

Bm       Bm       Em       Em

Verse 1.

       Bm                Em       G          A
The people all will find the Blessed Way
All laughing loud together in the day
        F#m             G        A            D  
Then crying we'll behold the star-lit sight
Of evening turned to graceful night!

Chorus.  Key:  A Major

F#m         C#m       D      D/C#   Bm
Out in the City          I’m on my Way
Out in the City          Night or day
Out in the City          The sheer delight
Out in the City          Filled with light!

Bridge.  Key:  D

A       G       F#m       Em        x2


Verse 2.

We hear the soothing song of musicians
Who proudly play their bold compositions
It’s a new street in every passing season
No one needs to know the rhyme or reason



Verse 3.

I am the one who knows I do not know
And standing silent in the falling snow
I am no more afraid to live or die
Because of what I’ve found within your eyes



Solo.  Key:  F# Minor.

F#m       Bm6      E       D       F#m       Bm6      C#m7     F#m      x2.      


Verse 4.

Feel free to trace the footprints in the snow
Or would you like to stay or gently go?
I love the faces of the passers-by
But still the homeless people make me cry.



Ending.  Key:  D Major

Bm                 Bm                 Em                 Em                 D


I send you out to serve the world…

Copyright Jeffrey Merk 2011

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